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When you search for a loan with us, a soft search will be carried out on your credit file to match you with the most suitable offer. All lenders on our panel are authorised by the FCA and will conduct a hard credit check if you proceed to take out a loan with them.

Representative Example: £400 loan repayable over 39 weeks at £18.96 per week, Rate of interest 113.46% p.a fixed; Representative 498.78% APR, Total amount payable is £739.44.

We're a fully regulated and authorised credit broker and not a lender.

We work with over 50 lenders to help you find the best loan possible.
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If you've arrived here while searching for information about 12 month payday loans, there is a good chance you are thinking about taking out a loan over this repayment period.

We are going to explore the facts connected to these short term loans, so you can understand what is involved and whether they could be ideal for you.

Sit tight as we answer some of the most common questions we receive on these topics:

  1. 12 month payday loans no brokers
  2. 12 month bad credit loans
  3. 12 month unsecured loans

If you are curious to know whether these payday loans are right for your situation, it makes sense to learn as much as you can about them. That's something we could help with.

Common short-term loan queries

Read through these queries about these loan products to find out whether we could answer some burning questions for you.

Are 12 month payday loans the same as 12 month loans?

This is important to understand as there are differences. A traditional payday loan is a loan you get over the extreme short term. You find a payday lender and request a loan until you're paid.

If they accept you, you receive it in your bank account and repay it in full, including interest, on your next payday.

How does a longer loan work?

With 12 month payday loans, you're looking at loans that could be with a payday lender or another lender.

Could I get 12 month loans bad credit?

Your credit record does play a role in how a potential lender might view you for a loan. However, some people assume that a poor credit record excludes them from any loans or financial services.

This is not true. You can never guarantee you'll be accepted by anyone in this sense, but there are sources of loans that do consider those with poor credit histories.

Could you improve your financial situation?

There are some things you can quickly do, such as checking that you are registered to vote. If not, this might affect your score and how someone may view your financial situation.

Other steps to improve things take longer, such as:

  • Reducing debt
  • Making sure you make repayments on time
  • Making sure you do not miss any payments

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We can connect you to a loan offer in minutes, regardless of your credit score.

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Do instant 12 month loans exist?

No, but you could get a quick loan depending on your personal circumstances. One way to speed things up a little is to go online to search for a loan. This allows you to check several sources at your convenience.

Looking on the internet vs going offline

There are also sources of loans that you might see online but you wouldn't find on your local high street. If you only checked locally, you would limit yourself to banks and building societies that happened to be in your local area.

The advantage of using the internet

Applying online is faster and far more convenient. You can get a lot of financial information as well - information that could help you make a better decision. You're reading this, after all - and Loanza could help you understand how these quick loans might work for you.

Could I find these loans with a lower credit score if I go directly to lenders?

Not all lenders offer payday loans. A direct lender means that you go to the lender rather than using a broker. You can see how this works at Loanza. We have 50+ of these lenders in our network, making it easier to find 12 month loans direct lenders (bad credit or not).

So, rather than going to several individual sources of online loans and financial help, you could use our free service to save time.

Does my financial situation matter when looking for a loan running over this period?

It does, yes, because anyone looking to lend you credit needs to know where you stand financially. We all have a credit score, and lenders run a credit check if you formally apply for a 12 month loan (or many other loan types).

Can I avoid a lender looking at my credit score?

12 month payday loans with no credit check by the lender do not exist. It means you shouldn't waste time looking for 12 month loans no credit check direct lenders, as they all need to see your credit history to work out whether to give you the loan you want.

Can I still get a loan if I have poor credit?

You may still be able to find such a deal if you focus on finding lenders who grant small loans to individuals with a lower credit score.

At Loanza, we specialise in helping individuals looking for a loan with bad credit or a payday loan that is repaid in just one step.

Looking for a 12-months loan?

We can connect you to a loan offer in minutes, regardless of your credit score.

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Do I have a chance to find 12 month payday loans, no credit check, direct lender?

No, as we mentioned earlier, you cannot get a loan without a lender viewing your credit record. This tells them how much risk you may pose if they decided to accept you for a loan term.

Some rules are identical throughout the country, whereas there could be differences in certain cases. In Scotland, rules may differ to those in England and Wales, for example.

However, credit reports do play a vital role in how lenders determine which individuals may receive a loan term with them.

Where can I find 12 month loans bad credit no fees?

Some loan products do have fees attached. Others do not. However, you should be able to get more details on this before you accept any offer.

It could be that you find deals that have no fees and a higher rate of interest to account for this. Those with a slightly lower rate might come with a fee as well.

So, by checking the available information you have, you can think about the deal that makes the most sense for you.

Can I definitely get a 12 month loan offer?

Lenders do check your credit score, and this credit check gives them information on how high - or low - your score is.

There is no such thing as a guarantee you will receive any type of loan. Some lenders are known to be more considerate of those who have had financial troubles in the past though. This means you may be considered by some and not by others.

How much will my monthly repayments be?

You'll see a different interest rate on almost every loan you look at. The interest rate depends on how long the loan runs for, how much you're borrowing, and your own credit situation and history.

Lenders may also have ranges they are willing to work within. It's not unusual for these companies to specialise in certain people and products.

Can I get a 12 month PA fixed deal?

PA fixed means per annum fixed. Per annum means per year, so you'll see how much you'll repay over that term. Some sources of loans do offer fixed deals, which do give you the peace of mind of knowing how much that 12 month loan is going to cost you.

Any fixed deal does give you the peace of mind of knowing you're going to repay the same amount from your bank account each month. This helps you manage your finances more confidently.

This applies regardless of whether you want a 12 month loan or any month loan with bad history of managing credit.

Looking for a 12-months loan?

We can connect you to a loan offer in minutes, regardless of your credit score.

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What are 12 month loans bad credit direct lenders no guarantor?

These loans mean you do not need someone to guarantee to meet the repayment term if you fail to make the repayments. With 12 month loans for bad credit no guarantor, you could either go direct to a lender or use a service like ours.

We aim to help connect you with a competitive deal for someone in your situation. 12 month loans no guarantor mean that you are solely responsible for repayments.

What are the interest rates like for 12 month payday loans direct lenders?

Each lender sets its own rates. These may depend on the size of the loan you wish to borrow, the repayment period, and your credit record information.

Payday loans tend to have higher rates than standard lenders. However, in every case, you can see the representative interest rate ahead of even applying for details. This applies to payday loans, 12 month loan products, and all other types of loan.

How can I find out the total amount repayable?

This is the total of the amount you borrow plus the interest on that loan. Make sure you know this before accepting any loan from any source, whether from a credit broker or other lender.

Interest rates on payday loans tend to be higher, reflecting their short term nature. There are no monthly instalments here - just one repayment that covers the loan plus interest.

With loans lasting 12 months or more, you repay an amount each month.

How long does it take to get the money received in your account?

It depends on when you apply and which lender you approach. However, if you pass the relevant checks and the loan you want is approved, you could receive the money into your bank account faster than you think.

Could Loanza help you find the right loan for you?

We act as a credit broker, using our network of financial lenders to source a competitive deal for you. You could soon find out whether you're able to borrow what you need. Our online service is convenient and could save you time and hassle. Use Loanza today to see if you could get the financial help you need. Apply online now.

Looking for a 12-months loan?

We can connect you to a loan offer in minutes, regardless of your credit score.

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