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We're sure you're aware of the idea behind fast loans. But you might wonder whether they're little more than a myth.

We're here to answer the question. Can you find a fast loan? Do they exist? Could a quick loan be something we might occasionally look for but never find? Just how long might it take to find a loan anyway?

Now you've landed on our website, you can relax as we go through some of the most popular questions (and answers) on the topic of fast loans.

What does the phrase 'fast loan' really mean?

Clearly, it refers to a loan you could get quickly, rather than waiting days or longer to find out if you've been approved for it.

That makes sense, but just how fast is fast?

A lot depends on where you've applied for the loan - and how you do it. However, to begin with, let's consider the amount of time that elapses between receiving approval and getting your cash. This could be anything from a few minutes to a day or more.

For example, a payday loan could reach you within minutes of being accepted. When you're looking at fast loans UK, it's one type of loan to think about.

Alternatively, there are other short term loans, sometimes called personal loans or unsecured loans, that might take a little longer - perhaps a day or two.

If you want quick cash for whatever reason, you should consider how long a direct lender might take to send your money through. You can usually find this out before making any loan application. That way, there are no unpleasant surprises or longer waits than you'd bargained for.

Could it be faster to get quick loans online?

Let's compare the two options to see how they fare. This will give us the answer we're looking for.

Online loan applications

The first thing you'll recognise with this loan type is that you don't need to head outside to your local high street, bank, building society, or another direct lender to look for them.

In fact, you can do all the research at home. To potentially speed up the process even more, you could use Loanza to help you search over 50 fast loan direct lenders, instead of going through all the possibilities alone.

Just think - how long do you think it might take you to independently check over 50 lenders to find fast cash loans you may wish to apply for?

Loanza vs direct lenders

Loanza could save you time! Our quick online form lets you plug in your information in minutes. Our convenient system then heads off to compare loans based on the details you give us.

This all happens with a soft search, which means you're asking in theory whether certain lenders might consider you for one of their quick loans.

We'll then bring you the most relevant result from our dozens of direct lenders, so you can assess the loan offer to see whether it might be a good way for you to borrow money.

Better still, you can save your details on our site too. If you think there might be a time when you might want another quick loan online, you'll only need to log in and go ahead with the search. No more details to fill in - assuming nothing has changed, of course.

Go ahead - try Loanza today and see why many other people have already found fast loans with our assistance.

Offline loan applications

Here's the alternative. You'll probably be able to think of some high street names that might offer quick loans, payday loans, or similar deals. However, you'll need to visit each of them in turn to ask for further information.

That would involve thinking about opening hours, getting leaflets, coming home to read through them all... ah, this is beginning to sound a lot more complicated, isn't it?

And even if you find a couple you like, you'll need to fill in your information each time - no putting it all into a computer form and letting the power of the internet do the rest.

That's one smart reason why loans are always much quicker to find out about when you look for them online. No matter the lender, the type of loan, or the terms, it's usually far faster to figure out your options when you use an online service such as Loanza.

If you really do need to know about quick loans, Loanza could be the answer.

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You might see different names for fast loans too

Here are a few examples:

... you get the idea.

One of those terms might have led you to us today. However, now you are here, you can begin to understand how we could save you more time.

Rather than heading off to complete several online forms following a period of researching quick loans, you can do it all through us. And don't forget to save your details for future requirements!

Are there ways you can speed up the process for getting quick loans?

You can see that looking online could save huge amounts of time. Furthermore, using a free service like Loanza can also speed things up. It means you're able to remove a lot of the legwork involved in finding a loan. We all have busy lives, and you might be surprised at how much time Loanza could save you.

That aside, is there anything else you can do to get that loan application in more quickly?

Well, firstly we should add some guidance.

Even if you're keen to sort out a quick loan, don't be too fast about it. If you are, you could end up making errors when filling in our convenient online form, or worse, an actual application form for a fast loan.

If you do this, the information you supply won't match the information on your credit report. This could produce issues, as a lender won't be able to properly consider you for a fast loan. You must always be 100% accurate with your details, so double-check everything before you complete our form or indeed an application form once you've found the loan you want to apply for.

Pre-screening is better

You may wonder why you should take the loan broker/service provider route rather than just googling fast loans and then applying for the first one you see that seems to fit your needs.

There is the clue though... 'seems' to.

It's tempting to go for something that looks suitable, especially if you're eager to get a quick loan. However, each lender has its own set of criteria to stick to. You won't know exactly what those criteria are, so a loan that may look promising might not suit you at all. You may have little to no chance of being accepted for it.

In some cases, an application is almost certainly going to be turned down by a lender. Since every official loan application is going to take a few points off your credit score, this could quickly knock your score down way further than you'd like.

Yet if you seek loan offers via services such as Loanza, your score won't take a hit.

It means you're asking "based on my details, would you offer me a loan", and the lenders get back to us with a yes or no. It isn't 100% certain that you'll be accepted, but there is a higher chance of being accepted for that loan agreement on those terms.

When you use the Loanza online form to try and find a suitable loan, your credit score is safe. Our payday loans and bad credit loan search will use your information to connect you with a suitable, trusted lender.

This is ideal if you've got a poor credit history, but even if you've got an outstandingly good history, you're still protecting it.

If you're looking for personal loans though (higher loan amounts, longer terms, requiring a better credit history), you could use our personal loan eligibility checker to get multiple loan offers you qualify for. The lenders may perform soft searches that don't affect your credit score. They can then present offers that are properly pre-approved, meaning that the lender will show you with a real APR you will get offered if all the details you shared are confirmed to be correct by the hard check (upon proper application).

Looking for a fast loan?

We can connect you to a lender in minutes, regardless of your credit score.

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Answering some fast loan FAQs

Still have a few questions? Not a problem. We bet we've answered a few of them here...

Could I get fast bad credit loans?

Some people do have bad credit. This can occur for a variety of reasons. However, regardless of the reason, bad credit could mean you have more difficulty getting a loan of any kind.

It doesn't make it impossible, though.

This is another scenario where Loanza could help you find a loan. There's a reason we have a 'bad credit loans' page on our site. By clicking any of the big orange buttons on the page, you can go through our form to apply for a short term loan. It doesn't take long, and it gives us the details we need to go and hunt for a competitive loan for you.

This takes only a few minutes, and you could find a suitable loan based on your situation and credit history.

Are payday loans the same as quick loans?

Not necessarily. You can often get them quickly, but then other lenders issue loans quickly as well.

A payday loan is a type of loan that you repay in one hit - when you receive your next payday from your employer. That's why it got that name.

A payday loan is indeed a type of quick loan, although it usually comes with a higher interest rate compared with other loans that you repay over a longer time. These are all elements to think about before you commit to the loan that makes the most sense for you.

When do the loan repayments begin?

The lender that accepts you for a loan will let you know when the repayments begin. In the case of a payday loan, you'll repay the amount on or before you next get paid. You should still see the date or deadline appearing with the rest of the loan information.

In many other cases, where you'd make monthly payments, you would see the date the payment will be taken on when you receive the information about the loan.

Will a fast loan UK have monthly repayments?

Some will, some won't - it depends on the type of loan you get. As we've seen, the payday type only has one repayment amount. This is comprised of the amount borrowed plus the total interest owed on that amount. You must be sure you repay this on time to avoid charges.

Other loans might have flexible repayment terms or monthly terms that repay a portion of the loan plus interest. You will always be able to see the total amount borrowed before you agree to take out the loan though. This will be the borrowed sum plus the total interest over the period of the loan.

Can I get an instant decision on a loan even with a bad credit history?

Lenders always consider your situation before saying yes or no to a specific loan application. If you make an online application, there are systems in place that allow you to receive a quick decision. Sometimes, this could be in just a few seconds.

The important thing to remember if you have poor credit is that there could still be a range of suitable quick loans UK that you could consider.

Bottom line? While you won't get an instant decision, you'll get the next best thing - a quick decision that could be with you in seconds.

Once you've completed the form & hit submit, you're good to go.

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Looking for a fast loan?

We can connect you to a lender in minutes, regardless of your credit score.

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