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What do you do when the money you need is out of reach? It would be great to dip into your bank account or savings to solve any monetary emergency you might be faced with, wouldn't it?

Unfortunately, this isn't always possible. If there is no money in your UK bank account, and you have no savings to count on, you need to find another way to sort out your financial problem. If time isn't crucial, saving for whatever you need is an idea worth thinking about.

But what happens if you don't have that time?

Every day, there are people across the UK who are faced with this issue. It would be reassuring if we could put life's emergencies on hold for a bit, just so we could save up whatever we needed to get ourselves out of a pickle.

Sometimes, though, it's just not possible. Urgency takes this decision out of our hands. We wanted to explore the possibilities you could look at if you were in that situation. You may already be facing this situation. If so, take a moment out of your day to read the following information.

We're going to check out the world of emergency money and how to find it. There are ways, and you're about to learn how these ways might help you.

Emergency cash loans UK were created for this type of situation

If you need emergency cash to get you through an issue of some kind (think car repairs, for example), short term loans might be a sensible option to get you the money you need.

These loans are designed to last for different lengths of time, so let's dive into those now.

Did you know there are different kinds of emergency loans online?

If you want to borrow an emergency loan, be aware there are two types of emergency loan you can get when you need that emergency money.

1: Quick emergency cash loans with monthly repayments

These are short term loans, spread over a few months. You'll need to repay an agreed amount every month, including interest.

These are usually better if you want an emergency loan you can repay over a few months or years, as they give you a lower monthly payment to make.

For example, if you would like to borrow 300 pounds and you know you won't be able to repay that on payday, a short term loan could be better than any payday loans you might spot.

2: Emergency cash payday loans to pay back in one straightforward payment

These emergency payday cash loans work differently to the ones we described above. In this case, you'll borrow an amount you can repay next payday.

You'll likely need to pay a higher interest rate for these to reflect the short emergency loan period. You also need to find a lender specialising in payday loans, rather than a general one.

If you chose these emergency cash loans now, you'd have the advantage of clearing them in one hit. Be aware, however, that not doing so could mean you have significantly more to pay back. Make sure they are right for your situation. Even if you've had one before, it may not be the ideal solution for you now.

Could Loanza help connect you with a competitive emergency loan?

Our network of direct lenders could be all you need to find a short term loan to get an emergency financial scenario resolved.

If you are a UK resident and you'd like an emergency loan in your account within the shortest possible time, we may be able to help. Complete our form and let us do the rest. We'll speed off to bring back a competitive short term emergency loan for you to consider.

No hassle, no pressure, just a sensible way to look for an emergency loan online.

Looking for an emergency loan?

We could connect you to one of our lenders today, even if you have bad credit.

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Our handy FAQ for emergency cash loans online

If you need an emergency loan, you probably have some questions you need answers to before you apply for an emergency loan from one of many lenders offering them.

We reveal the answers to some of the queries our customers have asked us in the past.

Is it really possible to get instant emergency cash loans?

Instant isn't possible, although you can speed things up if you look at emergency loans online instead of visiting various local lenders in person for a loan.

Lenders will check your credit score whether you apply online or not, but this credit check process is largely automated as well, so you can typically receive a quick decision on whether you're suitable for an emergency loan.

So, how soon can you get the money?

If approved for a loan, you'd usually receive the funds via faster payments online, which again speeds up part of the overall loan process.

Can I find emergency cash loans no credit check?

Lots of people worry about their credit score. Could it prevent them from seeking approval for emergency loans?

You can check your own credit history before applying, and if it is poor, you could look for emergency cash loans for bad credit instead of rushing to apply online to the first lender you come across.

Should I do my research first?

Even if you're in a rush to look at emergency loans because of your financial situation, you don't want to apply for the wrong one. Just because one direct lender could refuse you a loan, it doesn't mean every lender will.

Bottom line? If you know a credit check for a loan will reveal a low score, go to a lender that caters to people with low scores. Loanza could help you with this.

Looking for an emergency loan?

We could connect you to one of our lenders today, even if you have bad credit.

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Do lenders offer bad credit emergency cash loans?

For some people looking for emergency cash loans, bad credit can be a problem. Lenders will run credit checks on everyone who applies for emergency loans or other loans. If your credit score is below average, some lenders could exclude you.

Fortunately, there are emergency cash loans for people with bad credit. Think of that - emergency cash loans, people, bad credit... the possibilities are still there.

You need to look for lenders who focus on responsible lending to people with a poor credit score, so you stand a better chance of getting accepted for emergency cash loans with bad credit.

Loanza could help you make this step easier, as we could link you with a competitive lender who may be able to help.

How fast are emergency fast cash loans?

For instance, can you get emergency cash loans in one hour? You can things up if you look for emergency loans online, as you can do this at your computer or via your smartphone.

In a financial emergency, you need financial services that understand the urgency. Lenders who focus on supplying emergency cash loans today could send cash emergency loans faster than you think. How about emergency cash loans, 1 hour, for example?

It's possible to get a loan this quickly if you correctly complete the application form. Loanza asks for a few pieces of info, links you with a competitive lender offering emergency instant cash loans, and if they accept your full application, you could receive your loan quickly via faster payments into your bank account.

Can I get small emergency cash loans to repay on payday?

This is another example of emergency loans, as not all loan offers work with multiple monthly repayments. In this case, you'd agree on a single low-value loan to repay when you next get paid.

The difference - apart from the number of repayments you make - is that the interest will be higher. You should see a clear interest rate given for this type of loan, so you can work out what the amount you'll repay will be - the loan plus the interest at the advertised rate.

The most important thing is to make sure you do clear the loan on time as agreed. If you don't, these emergency loans could end up costing you a lot more.

Is there such a thing as same day emergency cash loans?

It depends on who you apply to and how long they take to assess your application and pay out, if they agree to the amount you'd like to borrow.

In many cases, receiving money on the same day you apply for it occurs. A lot depends on what time you apply for it, of course, but if you applied early in the day and did so online, the process can complete the same day if everything runs smoothly.

Very often, you can find out if this is a possibility before making a proper application.

Will I be turned down for emergency cash loans for poor credit?

Lots of people believe they'll have zero chance of getting the loan they want. When you're looking for loans, emergency situations demand fast results.

You may even be so convinced that you've got so little chance of getting a loan, you don't even worry about applying.

Here's the thing - no one can ever supply a guarantee that you'll get the loan you would like to apply for. However, there are ways you might quickly tip the odds far more firmly in your favour.

Matching with lenders is important, and you need to be sure you choose one that looks most promising. Loanza has bags of experience in this area, giving you a chance to find a decent source of funds at a competitive interest rate.

Emergency cash loans: Unemployed, no more hassle to apply?

It's trickier to find emergency cash advance loans if you're out of work. Not impossible, but trickier. You're restricted to a much smaller pool of lenders.

Lenders do run credit checks on all applicants, so your financial situation will arise. You must prove you can pay back anything you borrow, and your history of handling credit is part of the equation here.

Another aspect to think about is the interest you're likely to pay if a lender does agree to a loan. We mentioned earlier about the idea of looking for the most relevant lender who extends emergency loans to people in your situation, whether that is someone with poor credit, no job, or other factors.

This applies just as readily here as well. Spending some time looking for the most competitive loan source is time well spent, even if you are in a rush.

Loanza could make it simpler to find the best lender to connect with for a loan. Our form was designed with you in mind, so consider us as a route through to a solution for your financial predicament.

Does Loanza work with direct lenders?

Yes, we have compiled a network of sources that could give you just what you're after. It's never pleasant to find yourself in need of some funds in a hurry, especially if you've tried hard to avoid this situation.

However, if you are faced with this predicament, it's best to focus on the realities of the situation. We've helped many others find a lender to supply them with the money they need. We could do the same for you, too. Our simple form is waiting - complete it today and sit back as we search for a trusted lending partner that could solve your issue.

Looking for an emergency loan?

We could connect you to one of our lenders today, even if you have bad credit.

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