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Guaranteed (also called guarantor) loans, are loans in which a third party, promises to pay back a portion, or the remainder of the loan if the borrower defaults or stops making payments. Because of this guarantee, the lender is relieved from an excessive amount of risk in issuing these types of loans. A guarantor is essentially providing security for loan providers that the borrowed amount will be repaid.

These loans are often available to those who have bad credit or no credit. The borrower would be denied otherwise but is secured through the guarantor. The guarantor for these loans can be a government agency, a family member, or any citizen who is over 18 with great credit and sufficient means to pay the loan if the borrower fails to pay.

How Can You Guarantee a Loan?

There are several different types of loans and payment arrangements that lenders will allow a guarantor on. These include mortgage, rental agreement, personal, auto and secured loan applications.

All you really need is to find someone you trust who has a great credit score and financial stability (a decent income). This can be a family member, such as your parents, or a close friend.

Once you have found someone who agrees to be a guarantor, they will need to give the lender their basic personal and income information, as well as have a credit check done. Once your guarantor is found to be worthy of paying back the debt, you lender will approve the loan secured.

Are There Guaranteed Loans for Bad Credit?

Having a bad credit score is not an automatic disqualification from being approved for a guaranteed loan. In fact, guaranteed loans are usually a good option. When the borrower would not normally qualify for the loan due to increased credit risk or lack of sufficient income or collateral.

A guarantor acts as a reliable last line of defence to the lender. Because of this, guaranteed loans often allow people who would not normally qualify for a loan to get approved.

Can You Get a Guaranteed Loan Without a Credit Check?

All loans, with the exception of some payday loans, require a credit check prior to approval. This is the same with guaranteed loans. Guaranteed loans are designed primarily for those who may not have the best credit or security. They do still require a credit check for not only the borrower but for the guarantor too.

The approval of the guaranteed loan relies heavily on the guarantor's creditworthiness and ability to pay, so they should have good credit. For aa secure loan application, click the big orange button below and get started with Loanza!

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We have guarantor lenders on our panel who we could connect you to. You could also get connected to bad credit lenders without guarantors.

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What Happens If You Can't Repay a Guaranteed Loan?

Sometimes hardships happen, and if they affect your ability to pay your debts you can fall behind. Fortunately, your guarantor can resume making payments on your behalf. Usually, the lender will continue to reach out to you to try to get a payment, then they will reach out to your guarantor when it's in both of your best interests.

If you file for bankruptcy, your guarantor will take sole responsibility in paying back the debt. This is why it is in your best interest to have a trusted friend or family member as a guarantor.

What Are Government-Guaranteed Loans?

A government-guaranteed loan is simply a loan in which the UK government acts as the guarantor. The Enterprise Finance Guarantee is a government-guaranteed lending scheme in the UK.

These loans are available to small businesses seeking financing, who are unable to provide the security that the bank would otherwise require. In these cases, the UK government will act as the guarantor for 75% of the loan, up to 1 million quid.

What Is a Loan Guarantee Fee?

When you get approved for a guaranteed loan that is backed by the government, you will probably have to pay what is called a loan guarantee fee.

This fee is 2% of the guaranteed amount per year. It is usually billed quarterly and directly debited from the business’ checking account. This fee is used as a contribution towards the cost of the scheme.

Are There Guaranteed Payday Loans?

Guaranteed payday loans do not work in the same way other guaranteed loans do. A guaranteed payday loan does not have a third-party guarantor, but instead, is secured through the borrower's paycheck. The borrower will give the lender a post-dated check or electronic access to their account to withdraw funds from, on a future date.

Payday loans generally have high-interest rates and short payment terms. This makes getting a guaranteed personal loan a more attractive choice in most cases.

There are some lenders that advertise guaranteed approval on payday loans, but this is impossible as it is against UK regulations to advertise them as such.

Every lender has to determine your ability to pay back a loan with a credit check or an income check. If you have bad credit and insufficient income to cover the payments on the loan, they will have no option but to decline you.

Are Guaranteed Loans Right for You?

Shopping for loans when you don’t have the best credit can be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. For those that are having trouble getting approved for a non-guarantor loan due to bad credit or lack of credit history, getting a guaranteed loan is a great option, especially if you want to avoid getting high-interest payday loans.

A guarantor on a bad credit loan can help you get approved for a loan you would otherwise be denied. They also provide security to the loan in the event that you fall behind.

It is important to keep in mind that having a guarantor does not automatically mean that you will be approved. Along with that, many lenders will pay out the loan to your guarantor. They will then need to transfer it to you, so only choose a guarantor who you have a lot of trust in.

What should I check when applying for guarantor loans?

With any kind of loan application, you need to make sure your lender or broker is legitimate and reliable. They have to be authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority fca. Check the interest rate they offer, and also the representative example. To be 100% sure your lender or broker is definitely authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority, you can search their trading name (found in the footer) on the financial conduct authority website. Before you apply for any financial product, remember our warning: late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help go to moneyadviceservice.org. Be sure you can afford timely repayments before submitting a loan application. Your credit score will thank us later, too! You wouldn't want risk damaging it in vain, would you?

Looking for a guaranteed loan?

We have guarantor lenders on our panel who we could connect you to. You could also get connected to bad credit lenders without guarantors.

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