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When you search for a loan with us, a soft search will be carried out on your credit file to match you with the most suitable offer. All lenders on our panel are authorised by the FCA and will conduct a hard credit check if you proceed to take out a loan with them.

Representative Example: £400 loan repayable over 39 weeks at £18.96 per week, Rate of interest 113.46% p.a fixed; Representative 498.78% APR, Total amount payable is £739.44.

We're a fully regulated and authorised credit broker and not a lender.

We work with over 50 lenders to help you find the best loan possible.
We never charge you for our service.

You may not be able to get instant loans but you could get quick loans... if you know where to go and how to find them.

We are going to help you understand how these loans work and whether you could actually get 15 minute loans direct.

Let's start with the most important question... can you get 15 minute loans?

Yes, it's possible to do this, but it's also important to understand the process that you go through when you're searching for any type of loan.

Firstly, you need to consider how much you want your loan to be for. Next, you're going to search for loans - and in today's connected world, the easiest way to do that is to go online. (You can apply for a loan online too if you find something that suits you.)

This search phase could take a while, depending on how many sources you check and how you go about it. Will you look for a loan via a direct lender or a licensed credit broker?

It's easy to see why some people look at just two or three sources before choosing one of those. And that could be a mistake, as you'd miss out on many other potentially good sources of loans.

This brings up another question. Is it ideal to go via a broker, not a lender? Let's look at the difference between the two, so you can better understand whether you could look for a 15 minute offer via a lender rather than a broker.

What is a direct lender?

A direct lender is just that - a lender you go to direct rather than via another source or intermediary. Some people prefer getting loans direct; however, there is a risk that you won't cover even half the available loans you might consider.

Plenty of direct lender loans are for short term periods, with some aimed at those with poor credit or bad credit histories. If you take this route, be prepared to explore as many direct lenders as you can, otherwise, you could well miss the most competitive loans around today.

What is a credit broker?

It's best to think of a broker as a company that sits between you and the business that might lend you the 15 minute loan you are looking for.

Brokers tend to have ample knowledge of the latest payday loans and short term loans on the market (along with other loan types if that's what you're looking for).

As we've already seen, if you decided to go it alone to search for a short term loan, you may not spot all the most appealing offers around just now.

Going via a broker means you could find additional deals - and one of those could fit your needs.

How might Loanza help you when you're looking for quick loans?

Now that you know the difference between brokers and direct lenders, you're probably trying to work out where Loanza fits into that picture. Let's look more closely.

We act as a broker for over 50 direct lenders across the UK. Some offer payday loans and others offer short term loans running over a few months, sometimes a few years.

This means you're able to use our free service (yes, it's always free to use us) to connect to the most competitive direct lender we can find on the market today.

Our form only takes 2 minutes to fill. You can select the loan amount you're looking to borrow, along with your loan term and tell us some details about you, so lenders can assess how much you can safely borrow.

Share the reason why you're looking for lenders to issue a loan and we'll do the hard bit of finding the most suitable loan available to you. Time for you to make a cuppa while we look!

Looking for a 15 minute loan?

We could connect you to a direct lender in minutes, even if you have bad credit.

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Is it easy to find 15 minute loans direct lenders?

Now that you know what to expect when you look for UK direct lenders, you can see the available methods you can use to find them.

Here at Loanza, we've already helped many individuals just like you find the loans they were looking for. We could help you as well.

Before that, though, let's answer a few questions surrounding short term loans, direct lender or otherwise, so you have more information to take advantage of. You can see it's a smart move to get as much info as you can before moving ahead.

Can you really get the nod for a loan from a direct lender in 15 minutes?

The 15 minute portion of the process can refer to two parts of the process:

  1. It could come from the time that elapses between applying for a loan and receiving notification of the outcome. You could easily get a decision within 15 minutes.
  2. Furthermore, in some cases, a lender may put the approved loan into your bank account within 15 minutes, so there's that too.

In some cases, the 15 minute factor could come into play in both these situations. It's true that many lenders have made sure their processes are as simple to follow and complete as possible.

There are a few other things you need to know. We'll cover those points now.

The 15 minute window isn't guaranteed

Many lenders do offer fast approval if you meet their criteria, but not all do. You can speed up the application process if you have all the correct details to hand before you begin completing the form. This applies to all payday loans, and other loan types from direct lenders and via brokers.

If you're set up and ready to apply, you could complete a loan form within a few minutes, certainly. In some cases, you may receive quick approval if your loan application meets all the requirements a lender looks for. These requirements may differ from one source to another.

If you don't receive approval for a loan, it could be that you selected a lender that wasn't well matched to your requirements. For example, not all lenders offer short term loan deals to those with poor credit.

If you have a bad credit history and you look at direct lenders who tend to deal with customers who have much better credit records, you may well be turned down.

Fortunately, coming to Loanza means you'll be able to use our free service. We search for the most suitable loan for your needs once you've filled in our simple form.

One other thing before we close this section - don't apply for any loan in haste. Always make sure you do as much as you can to match with the most competitive loan and lender for your situation.

Spending a short while longer looking for the best option could make a world of difference. Applying and receiving a rejection could harm your credit record, as a formal search will deduct a few points from your score. Loanza could help reduce the odds that you'll experience this.

Applying for online loans should speed up the process

You don't need to go out to find potential lenders when you look for them online. It's a more direct way of searching for loans and considering your possibilities.

If you use Loanza to help in this respect, you'll see our site is designed to take on a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

There is no need to search dozens of direct lenders to spot a payday loan or other loan designed to run for a short time. Our system does that for you, matching you with a loan that could suit you.

You'll then finalise the application with the lender if you decide to try for that loan. All lenders have their own processes, but they're usually smlar to one another. They might ask for a few additional details but often the information you give on the Loanza form is more than enough.

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Some direct lender loans are payday loans

We mentioned payday loans earlier, but we'll go over that part again here in more detail. Some loans offered by lenders are based on the idea that you'd make monthly repayments. Even short term loans could run for perhaps six or 12 months, for instance.

A payday loan only requires one repayment. If you're accepted for the loan, you'll have it transferred to your bank account. You then need to repay the amount you borrowed, plus interest, when you get paid. Some direct lenders focus only on payday loans.

Loanza has some of these lenders in our network, so we could prove to be a far simpler and more straightforward way to help you look for this loan if you decide it is right for you.

Can I get 15 minute loans direct lenders bad credit solutions?

We've gone into detail about the various elements of a 15 minute loan already. However, we haven't said much about the idea of looking for online loans if you have bad credit. So, let's explore that topic now.

Many people worry about their credit record, so we've covered some common questions here that could help you feel more settled.

If I have bad credit, could I be rejected for a loan?

You could - it is important to realise that some lenders do turn down people for loans. There is never any assurance or guarantee that acceptance is going to happen.

If a lender suggests this, be sceptical... there is no such thing as a guarantee of acceptance.

However, if you know you've got a poor credit history, don't assume there is no loan out there for you. There could still be because as we've seen, the market contains a lot of lenders.

Some of them aim for people with excellent credit histories. Then there are some aiming at those with fair histories... and others focusing on those with poor credit histories.

That's why it's best to consider which lenders are most likely to offer loans to people in your credit 'bracket' - people with very similar credit records to the one you have.

Here at Loanza, we have helped lots of people find payday loans, short term loans, and similar loans.

We've made sure our site is as straightforward to use as possible too. We know you don't want to waste time trying to work out how to use it.

Could I get a payday loan with bad credit?

Just in case you weren't yet sure about this, your credit record may limit you to certain lenders, but you may still be able to find a payday loan you can use.

Of course, you should always be clear on the terms and make sure this type of loan is right for you before you apply.

Looking for a 15 minute loan?

We could connect you to a direct lender in minutes, even if you have bad credit.

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Do different lenders offer loans to different people?

Again, we've seen how this works. It's part of the reason why people come to us to find a loan. With so many direct lenders in our network, we've got access to many of the most appealing offers on the market.

How long do you think it might take you to find over 50 lenders offering various loans? Our site can do so within minutes using just a few details from you.

We specialise in connecting people with loans, so try us today to see how you fare.

Can I get an instant decision for a bad credit loan?

You've probably heard of instant loans - something lots of people look for. You can certainly get a fast decision, sometimes within minutes of applying.

Before any lenders think about extending a loan, they'll check your credit record. They need to be sure you meet their criteria for that loan.

Fortunately, most can do this online quite quickly. So, while an instant decision at the snap of your fingers may not quite be possible, you could experience the next best thing.

Could I make a flexible repayment on a loan?

You could if you take out a flexible loan or flexi loan. However, you must make sure the terms of any loans you find do allow for this.

In most cases, you'll find you need to choose a loan term and amount and make monthly repayments based on that.

Of course, with a traditional payday loan, you'll only have one repayment to make.

Make sure you don't trip up on this and assume you can work with flexible terms when you can't. Read the details of a loan before applying for it, so you can make sure it fits your needs.

Could Loanza help you find the 15 minute loans you're searching for?

We hope you've found our guide to these 15-minute loans useful. If you had any questions about finding them, applying for them, or whether you could find a suitable one to match your credit record, we hope we've been able to answer them for you.

If you're still interested in finding a competitive and quick loan, use our form today to find out where you might be able to get one.

Looking for a 15 minute loan?

We could connect you to a direct lender in minutes, even if you have bad credit.

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