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Are you hunting for an emergency loan online? Are you worried about your credit score and whether it might be an issue - a barrier in the way of finding any suitable emergency cash loans?

Lots of people visit our website because they're looking for emergency personal loans. Bad credit does have an effect on the possibilities, certainly, especially regarding interest.

However, as you are going to find out here, it may not exclude you from finding emergency loans. With bad credit, you may still stand a chance of finding something that works for you.


Let's go through the facts. If you have any queries about emergency personal loans with bad credit, our article should help resolve them all today.

Can you really find emergency cash loans for poor credit?

Yes, this is possible. However, we should be 100% clear that there is no guarantee that everyone will receive approval for bad credit emergency loans.

The process of applying for any bad credit emergency loans online is identical to other loan applications. The only difference is that you may approach a different lender.

If you have bad credit and you're looking at emergency loans, bad credit lenders could be the ones to focus on. They're experienced in concentrating on emergency bad credit loans UK for UK-based applicants.

The other factor to think about is the interest rate. Those with lower credit may pay more in interest for their loan than others. At Loanza, we'll aim to find you a reliable source with a reasonable interest rate - a promising fit for you.

How do you know which lender to approach?

Loan research is your friend here. However, if you're looking for an emergency loan, you're clearly in a hurry to get it. There might be all kinds of reasons for this.

From car repairs to the need to pay an urgent bill that's just unexpectedly come in, you can often have good reason to consider a loan like this.

Of course, you might have looked online for 'emergency loans for bad credit' and that might be the reason you are here. You may not want to spend time researching this loan topic. You might not have that luxury.

Loanza might be able to smooth the path toward an application

Fortunately, Loanza could give you the info you need on emergency loans for poor credit without you needing to go elsewhere to find it.

Emergency loans bad credit direct lenders are among those in our network of lenders. When you fill in our fast and simple form, you're not making an application for a loan. Instead, you're finding out whether one of our direct lenders could have the loan that might resolve your problems.

Our experience in finding emergency loans bad credit UK resolutions means that you might see a recommendation for a lender that suits you. One form, a few moments to complete, and we'll let you know which of our 50+ direct lenders could help.

Need an emergency loan but you have bad credit?

Loanza can help connect you with a trusted lender in minutes.

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Our handy FAQ for emergency cash loans online

If you need an emergency loan, you probably have some questions you need answers to before you apply for an emergency loan from one of many lenders offering them.

We reveal the answers to some of the queries our customers have asked us in the past.

Is it really possible to get instant emergency cash loans?

Instant isn't possible, although you can speed things up if you look at emergency loans online instead of visiting various local lenders in person for a loan.

Lenders will check your credit score whether you apply online or not, but this credit check process is largely automated as well, so you can typically receive a quick decision on whether you're suitable for an emergency loan.

So, how soon can you get the money?

If approved for a loan, you'd usually receive the funds via faster payments online, which again speeds up part of the overall loan process.

Can I find emergency cash loans no credit check?

Lots of people worry about their credit score. Could it prevent them from seeking approval for emergency loans?

You can check your own credit history before applying, and if it is poor, you could look for emergency cash loans for bad credit instead of rushing to apply online to the first lender you come across.

Should I do my research first?

Even if you're in a rush to look at emergency loans because of your financial situation, you don't want to apply for the wrong one. Just because one direct lender could refuse you a loan, it doesn't mean every lender will.

Bottom line? If you know a credit check for a loan will reveal a low score, go to a lender that caters to people with low scores. Loanza could help you with this.

Need an emergency loan but you have bad credit?

Loanza can help connect you with a trusted lender in minutes.

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What about emergency loans for students with bad credit?

This kind of loan could be available from some lenders too. Many students have part time jobs earning a certain amount each month. In some cases, it may be more sensible to look for an emergency loan if a student runs into an unexpected expense rather than using, for example, a credit card.

As you can now see, emergency cash could be needed by many people of all ages and for many reasons. Sometimes, things happen that we cannot plan for. Even with poor credit, you need to be able to pass credit checks required by lenders. However, since some lenders focus on short term loans for certain types of people, you just need to find ones that could work for you.

I've heard about emergency bad credit payday loans - what are they?

With instant payday loans, bad credit, timely money for emergency use situations, you're looking at a payday loan that runs over a month at most. It depends on when you're next paid.

With emergency payday loans, bad credit customers could find they only need to borrow a small sum to pay back at the end of the term. Think of this as an advance on your next payday.

Choosing the right solution

This kind of short term loan could work if you need a lot less than your regular payday would bring you. So, for instance, you might receive £1,500 a month and you find you could do with £200 to resolve an emergency ahead of payday.

Just remember that Loanza could help connect you with a competitive lender offering emergency payday loans for bad credit clients. We might be able to save you time and complicated searches trying to find them as well.

If I've got a bad payment history, bad credit emergency loans might help?

They could, because it's about finding the right fit for you. Imagine there are 100 people all looking for a loan. Each one is carrying a coloured brick - some have red, some have blue, others have yellow, and a few have green. The ones carrying red bricks are the ones with low credit scores.

Now, imagine there is also a group of lenders. Each lender has a brick too, in one of the four colours we mentioned just now. You can see where we're going with this, we're sure.

The customers with red bricks have bad credit, and the lenders with red bricks may offer an emergency loan to those people. The same applies to all other colours in our example.

So, if you were carrying a red brick, would you look for lenders with a green brick? No - it wouldn't fit. If you look for lenders offering the most relevant short term emergency loan solutions, you could stand a healthier chance of acceptance.

Loan types: How could you use an emergency loan?

There are lots of reasons why you might need an emergency loan like this. It could be a car repair or a bill you'd forgotten about.

Here are a couple more reasons that might crop up.

Emergency home repair loans bad credit

We're not talking about planned extensions or similar jobs. We're referring to an emergency loan that lets you buy a new fridge freezer when yours breaks down or something along those lines.

Emergency student loans bad credit

Students have many outgoings. While there are student loan solutions, there may be times when you run into problems and don't even have enough to make it through the month or even the week. Emergency loans online might be worth thinking about in such cases.

What are emergency bad credit installment loans?

With emergency installment loans, bad credit ones, in this case, you're looking to repay your loan with monthly repayments rather than a single payment made before your next payday.

A payday loan only requires one payment to clear it, instead of multiple repayments.

This type of emergency loan might mean you could borrow more if you needed to

However, you still need to be sure you can afford the payments on an emergency loan like this one. Your short term loan could run over several months, possibly years, so you must be sure you can manage it if this loan type holds your interest.

How could I find the best emergency loans for bad credit?

Loanza could make the process easier for you. With over 50 direct lenders to search, we could find an appealing source of whichever type of emergency loan you're after. When we could help you save time and avoid hassle and inconvenience, you'll understand why many other customers have already used our service. We'd be delighted if you tried us too.