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Save Money - Top 21 UK Financial Bloggers of 2020

There is so much engaging and insightful content that is being produced by UK financial bloggers to help you save money. Whether you are looking for ways on how to start a personal finance blog, information about how financial bloggers make money or how to start saving, there are several UK financial bloggers who are out there to help you.

If you are looking for more personal information such as how to pay off your debt, save money, build your credit, or how to attain your financial independence, you will also find bloggers offering this type of useful advice. Many of these bloggers had been in the business of finance for several years so they offer years of knowledge.

This list is in no particular order... 

Top 21 UK Money Bloggers

1. Mums Savvy Savings

Emma is the founder of Mums Savvy Savings and has been blogging for more than six years. She is a wine enthusiast and loves going out. Emma always finds ways to bargain and shop smart. She started blogging about money because she underwent major family changes. When her children were young, she decided to purchase only what she had the money for. This means she did not use credit cards and had to find ways to bargain for her items. In her blog, Emma uses what she has learned over the years to teach others how to be financially savvy.

2. The Money Shed

This financial blog started in 2014 as a basic forum. Now the site receives more than 150,000 page views each month. The blog is all about making money online, and give people a platform where they can share their experiences of working from home. If you are a stay at home mum, or you are looking for a legitimate way to earn money from home, you can find all that information from The Money Shed blog.

3. Frugal Cottage

Nicola is the owner of the award-winning personal finance blog, “The Frugal Cottage.” In this blog, you will find information about how to achieve your financial freedom and how to live a good life on a budget. Nicola inspires and educates others and shows them that living a simple life that you are comfortable with is possible even when you are on a budget.

4. Your Money Sorted

Eileen Adamson, the owner of the blog, aims to help women become wealthier, healthier and happier by taking control of both their lives and money. She believes that anyone can be good with money if they have the right support, therefore she has devoted herself to teach others how to spend their finances so that they can live a happier and more stress-free life.

5. I beat debt

'I beat debt' is a site managed by a lady called Vicky. The posts are about Vicky’s financial journey and her own personal experiences. Vicky, who is the owner of the blog, aims to deliver actionable tips that can help you with beating debt yourself. You can read all about her full story here.

6. Much More with Less

Much More with Less is a site that offers consistent financial advice about thrifty tricks and tips that can help you in keeping your costs low and showing you how you can still have fun on a budget. Faith, the owner of this website, blogs about living on a low budget. She writes everything from fitness, flowers, food and family activities but all with a frugal spin.

7. Boost My Budget

This is a must-read finance blog that is dedicated to helping individuals earn more money by working from home, making money online and through a side hustle.

8. UK Money Bloggers

This is a community of journalists and bloggers who write online about money-saving and personal finance. From debt advice, couponing and current accounts to deals, these bloggers are passionate about assisting readers in taking control of their finances.

9. Frugal Family

You do not need to be poor for you to be frugal. There are several reasons why a family can choose to be frugal- to save money for kids’ college, to reduce wastage or to retire early. This blog offers advice on how to live frugally.

10. Katykicker

It is all about Katy. She shares her views on personal finance, family life, products, and parenting. She blogs about money-saving and money-making tips to help people live happier, wealthier lives.

11. My Money Cottage

In this blog, Clare McDougall shares how one can save money and stretch the pennies a little bit further. Clare shares tips on working full time from home as well as cheap meal plans and everything you need to know about matched betting.

12. The Money Whisperer

This is a hub for financial growth and wellness. Its main target audiences are entrepreneurs and stay-at-home mums. It offers financial advice and advocates for good personal financial management.

13. The Complaining Cow

Helen offers several services related to customer care. She complains for customers and works with companies on how they can improve their customer care services and streamline their complaint processes and procedures.

14. The Humble Penny

This is an award-winning blog of Mary and Ken Okoroafor. They created their blog to make personal financial education easily accessible for all. They go above and beyond to help their readers by offering a 10-day practical money course.

15. Thrifymum

Created in 2016, this site is a growing online community and a blog for savvy parents who want to pursue a great lifestyle while at the same time juggling the numerous financial constraints that arise from parenthood. Hollie is there to show you how to live a luxury lifestyle on a family budget.

16. DailyDealsUK

This is a money-saving blog that offers free financial advice and tons of resources. It also offers voucher codes and unmissable deals.

17. Be Clever with Your Cash

This is one of the leading financial blogs in the UK, with at least 1 million visitors per year. This blog has won twice the Financial Blog of the Year at the Headlinemoney Awards- 2017 and 2018. Andy Webb helps his users on how to make the most of their money and save more without having to stop enjoying themselves.

18. Money Nuggets

This is a personal and career finance blog for women who want to manage their finances well and secure their future. Its core mission is to empower women via financial literacy.

19. Money Bulldog

This is a blog about repaying debt with a view of living a debt-free life. It is a good resource for anyone that wants to get rid of debt for good.

20. Finance Girl

This blog offers digestible financial news. It is all about Julie Cheung and her forays and experiences in making money, saving and investing. The blog covers several topical finance-related topics and news which she finds interesting or useful.

21. Help Me to Save

This blog aims to help you save money. It is run by Karen Bryan. The blog is all bout saving more money and enjoying life – finding the balance between the two. She started the blog in 2011. In the blog, she offers real examples of how you can master your money, plan for future, and on doing what makes you happy, all based on her experiences and research.